Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FiRsT DaY of ScHoOl

Peyton on the 1st day.
Drake's 1st day

The sun was obviousley way...

The neighbothood kids..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My "old man"

We have had quite a few CRAZY things happen to us the last few months..
One Sunday in the end of February Dusty went for a run... no big deal, he runs marathons right...

Well WRONG....He went out for a run and 5 minutes later I get a call from my neighbor telling me that Dusty had fainted up the street at the model house.. I jumped in the car and drove up there,only to see that he was almost home... I took him home and put him in bed, fed him some food, and he was feeling fine.. I tried to talk him into going up to the E.R., but NO WAY was he going there.. So, I called my mom and told her what happened and she talked/guilted him into going up.. He called me and said he was being admitted... Scared to death I kinda don't remember what all happened at that point.. I asked him why.. He said he had 4 pulmonary embelisms in his lungs... oh my HELL... memories of his heart attack are coming back to me.... now what???

Well, he ended up in the hospital for about a week.. They did not figure out why he had the blood clots or anything. I got him into a really good Doctor at McKay... The doctor was not accepting new patience but for whatever reason they accepted him.. Maybe it was me begging, crying, pleading , dropping a friends name or the Dr. on the old mans floor that asked Dr. Mansfield to take in my husband... I was so relieved.

The funny thing about this is that Dusty is only in his 30's and has been on the cardiac floor with all of the OLD people twice now.. What am I going to do with him? Well, he is back running and on coumidin ... I am so happy that my family is healthy and doing good right now...

Thank you to everyone who helped out, called, brought dinner and had us in your prayers.. We are so thankful to have you all in our lives.... A special thanks to the Fillpot Family who is ALWAYS there for us CRAZY Parkers . Amy thanks for listening to me just talk about it and get everything out.. Your the BEST Friend ever..... also to my parents who took my kids. I felt so much better that they were with you guys and I could be there for Dusty.. And to Dusty's family.. He looked forward to getting a call from all of you everyday. Especially his dad who lives out of state.. Thanks for everything and from everyone. My heart is soo full of love for all of you..

Sunday, February 28, 2010

HaPpY BiRtHdAy ~ DrAkE....

HaPpY Belated BiRtHdAy to my Drakers....
Drakes birthday was in March, but since I am such a slacker I am FINALLY updating my blog..
He had the BEST birthday ever this year.. First thing we got up and went to his indoor soccer game. They lost, but he played hard and made 1 goal... GOOD JOB my little soccer STUD.... soccer is drakes favorite right now.. but really he LOVES every sport. It depends on the season.. lol. After soccer we went home and had his birthday party with his cousins and friends from school. Then he also shares his birthday with one of his cousins, Jordan. So, after Drakes birthday we went to J's party. Fun day with LOTS of cake and Ice cream....
Drake and Slade..

Drake's skateboard ramp cake.
He wanted to have a Tony Hawk birthday and you can't get that just anywhere.. So we had to make things up for decorating and party bags. It turned out pretty cute.
Drake and all of his friends and cousins.

Drake~ we LOVE you sooo much!!! you are so fun to have in our family. You make everyday fun and a challenge. You are defiantly my most stubborn child and has a mind of your own.. But that's why I love you so much.. You are the BEST little and big brother. Slade loves you so much, you are always letting him hangout and tag along with you.. You LOVE all sports and are good at everything you do.. Thanks for being my drakers and for always giving loves to me and everyone you love. You are so good at showing everyone you love that you truly love them.. Love you tonz buddy...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Drake and Brynlee

My best friend and I were prego at the same time with two of our children. I found some fun pictures of her youngest Brynlee and my second child Drake. They are so cute! Drake still thinks that Byrnlee is his girlfriend. They are both wild and crazy kids and always have fun together. This is me and Shantel (Brynlees mom) from back in the day before our little monsters were born. She gave me a bridal shower.
Drake and Bryn a couple of years ago. I think they were 3. They both will be turning 6 in March. Wow!! Time flies.

Drake and Bryn when they were babies. Soo Cute!!! I love how chubby they were :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Christmas Eve...

We had Christmas eve with my family at my parents house. We always have so much fun laughing and making fun of each other. My kids were out of control... they were so excited for Santa..
My mom has some sayings on her tree that says "Naughty "and "Nice". We all thought it was funny except Pey.... She knows it's true!!!

Everyone got spoiled once again from grandma and grandpa.

Christmas with the Parkers!!!

We had Christmas with Dusty's dad a couple of days before Christmas. We All got spoiled!!!! The kids got a ton of stuff but the biggest toy they got was a remote control truck for the bigger boys. Drake loves his!! Slade got a big slide to play with outside and Peyton got a ton of littlest pet shop stuff. The parents this year got a new FLIP VIDEO CAMERA!!! It was the most perfect gift. Thanks Kerry and Wendi you guys are the best!!! Wendi found this cute bear that reads a story to you. They got the kids the same book so they could follow along with the bear. It was sooo cute.
this is the kids following along with the bear.

Every year Kerry donates money to St. Jude and gets a St. Jude bear for each grandchild that has a note attached to it about one child that he has helped. The kids look forward to getting a new one every year. Slade loves his new bear.

Peyton was very happy after opening all of her fun gifts.

The first snow fall

The first snow fall and my kids were ready to get all dressed up and go out and play in the snow.
Drakes loves it so much that he will try and go out everyday. I thought that as time goes by he won't want to as much anymore, but no way he STILL askes to go play in the snow almost everyday. That kid loves outside no matter what the weather is like.

Choir Concert!!!

Peyton had a choir concert the first part of December and I am finally trying to catch up on things. This is the first thing we saw when we sat in our seats.... my mom took this picture and thought it was so funny. So I thought I would share it with all of you. Slade kept wanting to touch this guys bum crack. I had to totally pay attention to him at all times.

This is Peyton and her friend Kinley.

Kinda hard to see... But we couldn't get any closer. Peyton loves, loves, loves choir. She is always singing around the house.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Silly Slade

So, today as I was FINALLY updating my blog, Slade REALLY wanted me to take some pictures of him. He is so funny!! Check out these poses.... Pose #1
Pose #2~ check out his hand on his face. lol... He is so much fun to have around our house. He is always making us laugh. Thanks for the good times and the good laughs Slade. We luv you!!!

One fun Weekend...

For Thanksgiving this year it was also Dusty's dads turn and his Birthday.
So being the very nice man that he is,
he took us up to Park city to stay in a condo for the weekend.
We went up on Saturday afternoon and hung out for awhile.
Then the girls went and did a little shopping..
We had some good dinner and ate lots of treats.
Played some fun games, which by the way my team won!!!!!.
Had alot of laughs and talked into the late hours of the night.
We had so much fun!!!
Thanks for everything Kerry and Wendi.
You guys r the best!!!
PS. I took my camera but didn't get it out. :( I totally forgot to take pictures.
I'm actually sad, cause Kerry and Wendi always give the kids new pj's and takes christmas card pictures. They turned out so cute too!!!

{ Turkey Day }

On Thanksgiving we went to my mom and dads.
I helped my mom get everything ready.
It is ALOT of work.
But in the end it was good food, good family and good laughs.
One day when I grow up I will be doing Thanksgiving at my house.
I am very excited for that day,
but until then I will enjoy and appreciate everything my mom does.
It was one of the best Thanksgivings ever.
After we ate some good food we sat on the couch and watched Christmas vacation.
It is a family tradition to watch that movie on Thanksgiving night.
It gets us all pumped up for Christmas.
Bring on Christmas!!!

Slade, Drake, Peyton, Jordan and our newest member of the family Nixen. Me and Dusty
All of us!

Slade blowing on the dry ice of our home made Root beer. Thanks Grandpa it was awesome.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

School Pictures....

My little kindergartner: Drake got his first school picture this year.
He looks so handsome.
I was kinda scared sending him to
school all by himself for pictures.
He is such a wild child, I thought for sure his
hair would have been messed up or something.
But I am proud of him, he stayed clean and everything.
He even had a cute smile without his tongue sticking through his space in his teeth.
We love you buddy...